Whilst You Wait | Review


At the end of last month, I had the pleasure of attending an event to mark the launch of a new poetry book entitled ‘Whilst you Wait’. This book is the much anticipated publication of works by Rebekah Stewart, whom we featured within our ‘Artist Spotlight’ in December 2018.

The event took place in an intimate coffee shop setting which was the perfect environment for poetry reading and discussion.  Having known of Rebekah’s work and talent for some time now, I was especially excited to hear her perform selected pieces from her book.

I was particularly moved by Rebekah’s delivery of a poem entitled ‘Picture This’ which explores themes of violence and crime, the power of influence, internal struggles and a journey of self reflection. Later whilst flicking through my own copy of ‘Whilst you Wait’ I learnt that this piece was inspired by the story of a man on death row:

“Metaphorically speaking
I’ve sown, I’m now reaping;
The majority of which is corruption.
Till now, a realization, this was biblical teaching.
Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil.”

The evening was a mixture of spoken word performances from Rebekah interspersed with live music and tributes. From these speeches and discussions, I learnt that others had known of Rebekah’s talents for many years and had predicted her success long before this publication came to fruition.  


It is clear that Rebekah has and continues to be a source of inspiration and motivation for many and her command and use of language give her a unique platform for connecting with others. Rebekah’s work centres around many themes and contemporary issues including love, relationships, crime and justice, poverty and other social issues. One overarching theme that permeates and connects all of the pieces within her book is that of faith and her way of articulating this authentically is sure to resonate with many.

I am sure that ‘Whilst you Wait’ is simply the first of many books to come and I would encourage those who have not yet discovered Rebekah’s work to purchase a copy and attend one of her spoken word performances!


- Lauren Bryan