Superhoe | Review

(c) Helen Murray

(c) Helen Murray

Bold. Brash. Yet heart achingly real.

‘Bad bitch, slim waist
Five six, thick hips
East London look at this bitch’

Nicôle Lecky writes and stars beautifully in this solo piece. Oh, and she also sings and raps during scene interludes, as if her acting weren’t enough. Her fiery and strong command of her singing voice, adds another dimension to her already bold performance. 

At 24, Sasha Clayton from Plaistow, still living at home with her family is in a situation relatable to so many of us in this generation. Follow our dreams? Or follow the money?

But then what happens when those questions become less important due to the reality of becoming homeless. Sasha’s journey spins from having a ‘boyfriend’ who is no longer around, to having to crash on an acquaintance’s couch due to no longer having a home to live in.

This journey then takes her to the seemingly underground world of sex work via online webcams, which then propels her into the life of being and ‘Instagram Celebrity’. The road forks off again, into her then becoming an escort, and opens up to the vulnerability and of what that job actually entails. It’s not always flash dinners and champagne.

‘Theres thousands of girls just like me
Open your insta, what do you see
How do you think she got all that Gucci?
We’re making racks, we’re making P’

This 85 minute piece is a co-production with Talawa, who have been the forerunner in bringing the Black British theatre to light. As the first collaboration with Royal Court – it’s one they should be triumphantly proud of. It more than deserved the standing ovation. Well done.

- Donya

Superhoe will be running at the Royal Court Theatre until 16th Feb 2018.