Misty | Review

...dialogues where you will clap and shout “yassss”
— - Chinnelle McLean

The play Misty written and performed by Arinze Kene is about a playwright trying to tell the story of a young man growing up in London and seeing his surroundings change before his eyes. 

Incorporating rap, singing and dancing, Arinze presents a piece of art which many may consider more of a performance piece, will have you gripped from start to end. He uses metaphors that will make you go “oookkkk” and dialogues where you will clap and shout “yassss” and various approaches to humour that meant everyone got their chance to laugh out loud.

Those who were born and raised in London may be able to identify with the message more than those who weren’t, but the message is so well presented that as you observe the diverse audience you see that there is something that resonates regardless of where they’re from.

Misty, the play that presents London as a human body is smart, emotive and visually attractive. It is a must see play that will be showing at Trafalgar Studios until The 17th of November 2018.

- Chinnelle McLean

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