If Beale Street Could Talk | Review

If Beale Street Could Talk | We For The Culture.jpeg

There is no Fonny without Tish and there is no Tish without Fonny, it is that simple. James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk, told through the eyes of Tish, describes a love so strong that it takes on the injustices of the world outside their own. With the support of those that love them they fight, they fight a fight where they know the odds are against them, yet they continue. They go hard to protect the sanctity of this young love, that was born from childhood and flourished to the definition of black love that we see so often on the screens of our phones and on the pages of books.  

When reading if Beale Street Could Talk, I was captured but the poetic flow of the story. Baldwin’s descriptions made me passionate about a relationship I was a not apart of, and invested in a battle where I knew what side I was rooting for from the first few paragraphs. 

As you delve into their story, you can make the comparisons between religion and toxic religion, get a glimpse of the floored criminal justice system and the injustices that members of the black community faced, during a time when they were meant to be “free”. However, despite it all, the most prominent theme is love, bold, unconditional and never wavering.

- Chinnelle