Artist Spotlight: Atlanta Green

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Atlanta Greene
Twitter - @iamatlantagreen
Instagram - Atlanta.Green

...I’m interested in narratives that shock and stay on your mind long after you’ve watched a show..

Where does your artistic journey begin?

My artistic journey began from a young age, I wrote poetry quite often and had a few published in anthology books when I was in primary school. I think this sparked an interest in creating and from there I explored different avenues of writing including; blogging, writing and performing poetry, writing short fiction and even going on to self publishing my poetry and short fiction. 

Theatre is a fairly new venture for myself as I only started writing for theatre in 2016. 


Does your cultural background influence your work?

My work tends to have a lot of murder, I'm not entirely sure what this means but its a theme that always tends to sneak itself in to my narratives, I also find I incorporate sexual health into a lot of my work which I think is heavily influenced by working in the sexual health sector for the past three years. 

I'm interested in narratives that shock and stay on your mind long after you've watched a show, i'm always looking to evoke a reaction from the audience, whether that's laughter, tears, shock or disbelief; my main aim is to make memorable work and really staple my name as a playwright. 


Who keeps you going?

My son keeps me going, I want him to grow up and see the theatre as a place he feels welcome in, I want him to feel as though his presence is welcomed rather than a burden or simply to be a diverse seat filler. I want him to be able to see stories that resonate with him, yet also see narratives that expose him to other worlds. 

Seeing the current state of theatre at the moment also keeps me going, knowing there is so much work to be done and so many more diverse stories that need to be told gives me all the motivation I need to keep creating.

What playwrights are currently on your radar? 

I'm inspired by a lot of the noted playwrights such as Debbie Tucker green and Winsome Pinnock, however I owe my love of theatre to Kathryn O'Reilly as it was only after watching her play 'Screwed' at Theatre 503 in 2016 I think, that I felt compelled to begin writing my first script. 


What advice would you give to other playwrights?

I am seldom asked why I create but I am always thrilled to answer. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I solely create for the wider world or that I only create because there is need for art and art as a medium is one of the most superior methods in which to communicate. The more truthful answer is more self-serving. I create because it heals me. I create because it resolves those harrowing issues that plague my thought process. I create because when I am not creating, I struggle to comprehend life. It may be dramatic to somebody less in touch with their inner creative to say that I create in order to stay alive but that is honestly the most truthful answer I can give.

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