Artist Spotlight: Jen Francis

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Don’t get it right, get it written

When did you first recognise yourself as a writer? 

In all honesty, it really wasn't that long ago. I've found old notebooks of weird stories I wrote when I was maybe seven or eight, and it still took me another fifteen years to realise I was a writer, which is roughly when I completed my first novel. 

Now, writing, creating and developing as much as I am alongside my day job - I see it in myself every day (and can't get over why it took me a stupid amount of time to get to that point).

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What has been your favourite piece of work to date‭?‬

Riffing off of when I first recognised myself as a writer; There is this God-awful novel I wrote that will never see the light of day. I won't go into plot specifics but it's my first completed work which I wrote the first year I took part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This May a friend and I put on the Play I wrote, and I'm in the middle of developing a Web Series - but that novel will always be my favourite piece of work because it showed me I could. 

As an artist‭, ‬what is on the top of your creative bucket list‭?‬

Aside from complete global creative domination, it would be, and has always been; to create and write my own long-running television drama series. Riding off of this, it would give me the chance to bring as many aspiring creatives as possible into the mix - the industry is too closed off, I want to draw back the curtains and throw the windows open.

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If you could collaborate with anyone‭, ‬dead or alive‭ - ‬who would it be‭?‬

Aunty Shonda Rhimes. Really nothing else needs to be said; she is a queen of character, a master of plot, a golden seamstress of dialogue and she needs to teach me her ways immediately.

What has been you favourite piece of advice to date‭? ‬

I can't remember where I read the words. In fact I think it was just tacked on to the end of an article or something I stumbled upon. It was practically a footnote and yet those seven words helped change my entire perspective as a writer: Don't get it right, get it written. I repeat and repeat this to myself and as it did when I first met the phrase it helps me push through and keep going. I pass on these words whenever I can in less of a footnote and more of an unneccessary roar.   

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