Artist Spotlight: Dionne Cole

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Dionne Cole

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When did you first recognise yourself as an artist?

It would have been last year. A few years back I did freelance work as a set designer, with my main medium being paper.  I then went onto full time work as an interior designer. I decided to start back up my paper craft skills whilst doing interior design, and made a piece of artwork. From there, I just kept making more and more until I had a collection. I don’t think it dawned on me that I was an artist until I had an exhibition at Bearspace Gallery which was my first exhibition showcasing my work. For me, it’s about making artworks that sit beautifully in someone’s home.

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What has been your favourite piece of work to date?

My favourite piece of work to date has to be ‘Flight’. I was my first time making something of that scale: 92w x 155h cm x 11d (framed).  It was a challenge, but I like a challenge, and because of this piece, there are exciting things happening behind the scenes.

How do you motivate yourself creatively?

I draw my creative motivation mostly from music and the environment around me. It’s quite hard to describe quite how my mind works, but I usually look for the intricate details in things and bring that to my work. So whatever I hear or see has a distinct impact on me and I let that process flow. I try not to force creativity, it’s in us, it will come out - if you have the right things in your space to bring it out.

How do you motivate yourself creatively?

I do sketches before I create a piece, though for some pieces of artwork I don’t make a sketch for. I can visualize roughly how the piece is going to look. I take inspiration from my surroundings for my artwork, and my artwork has a strong sense of the Caribbean waters which is where I’m from.

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What is your favourite medium to work with?

I have worked with fabric, wood, metal and a range of other different materials in the past, but I was always drawn to paper. It’s such a versatile material, easy to manipulate and to create intricate shapes. Just simply, I have always loved paper.

What has been you favourite piece of advice to date?

Don’t let anyone stop you from your destiny, anything is possible. It does get hard at times, but then there are people around that can build encouragement and help you along the way because I found out even though its just me making the artwork , there are so many people involved in it that I couldn’t have done it without them so its about getting people that are a part of that process and building a nice network of people. I think that’s the main thing.